How affiliate programs work

Working and joining affiliate programs is very easy and profitable. All you need is to create a website that generates many unique and organic visits from search engines. And place advertising that will send visitors to the merchant's sales page (affiliate program).

affiliate programsWhen you direct traffic from your site to another, you get paid in return.

That is, your website works on autopilot to provide you with extra income through advertising or advertising links that are in the content of your website for those who read your website to look at.

Types of affiliate programs

Affiliate program commissions vary in both structure and payment amount. They are based on pay-per-click, pay-per-action and pay-per-sale.

Pay per click, you earn money each time one of your site's visitors clicks on the affiliate program ad. Although the amount per click varies greatly, payments can be between $0.10 and $0.40 per click.

Pay per action, potential customers must take action to show the promise of a future sale. For example, the potential customer must participate in a survey or a free trial of a product in order for you to earn a commission.

Pay-per-sale, requires the potential customer to make a purchase of a product or service. In other words, when someone enters the advertiser's sales page by clicking on an ad from your page and makes a purchase, you are paid a %. This type of payment structure usually produces the highest payment per lead.

Affiliate programs' statistics and commissions are controlled by special software. Then, payments are usually made every month or when you have a certain amount of money earned.

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In general, an affiliate program works to generate revenue for both the merchant and the affiliate. And they are the most profitable way to earn income simply by using your website.

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